Another cooking adventure:)


Since I had yet another day off, I decided to give another Pinterest recipe a go. This recipe included chicken stuffed with a ricotta, spinach, basil, Parmesan, grape tomato, and spice mixture. Find the original recipe here. I followed the recipe exactly on this one. It turned out very yummy, but not perfect. The ricotta mixture could’ve used a bit more salt (very easy fix). Also, the Panko did not stick to the chicken very well. The recipe said to rinse the chicken, but it didn’t say to dip it in anything, so I didn’t. But next time I will be dipping the chicken in some milk or egg before dipping it in the Panko. It was great this time, but I think it will be even better next go around:) It did turn out looking pretty tasty too!


Here you can see the cheesy mixture oozing out:) (and also the chicken without Panko stuck to it..)


I accompanied the chicken with some roasted red potatoes and roasted broccoli (forgot to get a pic of the broccoli)


Thankfully I had my buddy sitting with me throughout my meal:)


Obviously, this meal made plenty to share with one or two others, or to save for leftovers!

Until next time,



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